Custom Photographic / Digital Imaging Services
Use our Internet Dropbox to send your files to us.
Click below to visit our public dropbox to upload your files.  You do not need an FTP file transfer program to send files.

multiple files can be uploaded at the same time if all files are put in the same
Zipped Folder.  otherwise individual files
can be uploaded 10 at a time.

to speed up transfer time,  jpg's  are preferred over tiff format.

folders or filenames containing spaces or hyphens will not upload.

after files are attached, be sure to click the upload file button to begin transfer.  after uploads are completed, you will
see a "successful file upload" confirmation dialog box.  an email will also automatically be sent to you notifying you that
we received your files.

Remember to enter into the comments box, the sizes and quantities desired for each file, otherwise we cannot process
your order.
                                                 Please read before uploading
Due to the amount of orders uploaded and not picked up and paid for we will not process any orders until payment is
made.  if a credit card is not on file with us, you can call with a card number or you will be sent a paypal invoice via
email.  there is no fee to join paypal and there are no extra charges.